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Jaffa Gate

Jaffa Gate (Hebrewשער יפו‎, Sha’ar YafoArabicباب الخليل‎, Bab al-Khalil, “Hebron Gate”; also Arabic, Bab Mihrab Dawud, “Gate of David’s Chamber”; Crusader name: “David’s Gate”) is a stone portal in the historic walls of the Old Cityof Jerusalem. It is one of seven main open gates in Jerusalem’s Old City walls.

The name Jaffa Gate is currently used for both the historical Ottoman gate from 1538, and for the wide gap in the city wall adjacent to it to the south. The old gate has the shape of a medieval gate tower with an L-shaped entryway, which was secured at both ends (north and east) with heavy doors. The breach in the wall was created in 1898 by the Ottoman authorities in order to allow German emperor Wilhelm II to enter the city triumphally. The breach and the ramp leading up to it are now allowing cars to access the Old City from the west.

The L shape of the historical gateway was a classical defensive measure designed to slow down oncoming attackers, with its outer gate oriented in the direction of Jaffa Road, from which travellers including pilgrims arrived at the end of their journey from the port of Jaffa.

Source Wikipedia.

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